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Chocolate Fundraising Ideas
Raise Money

Chocolate Fundraising Ideas Chocolate Fundraising Ideas

10 Handy Hints That Make Your Fundraising Easy

  • Plan first!!
  • Prepare your families: Let them know what you are Fundraising for, how much you need to raise, and what you are selling to achieve your goal.
  • Make sure you gain permission to issue children with product. Send home as permission slip that must be signed and returned to School. This makes people responsible for the product and money to be returned.
  • Have an accurate tally sheet of who has taken what and when and when they bring the money back. Break this into class or team lists.
  • Do not under any circumstances issue more than 1 box at a time; if your sellers want to sell more boxes make sure they have paid for the previous box.
  • Use incentives to encourage early money return. Have a weekly or daily prize draw for people that return money that day.
  • Don’t let the Fundraising run too long. Ideally a 3 week period is the right length of time to run a Fundraiser. Any longer and people misplace or spend the money, loose enthusiasm, or give up!
  • Have a proper assembly or prize-giving to thank your sellers for the effort they have given, present prizes, and tell your group how much has been made.
  • Choose products that make your job easy: at Fundraising buy Confectionery we take back unsold products, don’t have minimum orders, supply money envelopes and tally sheets.
  • Make sure you chase up all of the money owed, the last little bit is the “cream”. If you let one person get away without paying for what they have taken then they are stealing from the rest of your group.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Delegate and share the work with other willing and trustworthy people if you can. Form a Fundraising committee.
  • If you have any tips or techniques that you would like to share please email or call me and I will share them with other volunteers.

Good Luck

Some Free Documents to Assist Your Fundraising

Trust you find them useful.


"Fundraising is not a task any of us relish but thanks to Ken, Brent and the team at FBC an onerous task has been made that much easier. We have worked with Ken, Brent and the team for a number of years and have found the quality of their product and their friendly, professional service, to be quite outstanding. Oh....and we've made a considerable amount of money too!"
Paul Patterson
Deputy Principal
Raroa Normal Intermediate.

Go for it! We have had many successful fundraisers with Fundraising Buy Confectionery… both school wide and specific groups like our Kapahaka group. The “guys” at FBC couldn’t be more helpful- or more generous. Nothing is a problem. We would recommend their company any time and that is why we have dealt with them for years."
Greer Doidge and Alice Povale
Deputy Principals: Manurewa Intermediate School."

"I have worked with Fundraising Buy Confectionary on many occasions now co-coordinating school wide fundraisers and syndicate fundraisers. Brent and his team are extremely supportive and willing to work with. We have recently finished the new Mars Bars fundraiser and I found it a very easy fundraiser to put together and coordinate. This fundraiser was very popular with the children and families and of course the prizes at the end of it were extremely well received. The staff at FBC are great to work with and have made my job a whole lot easier with their help and support."
Barbara Ferregal
Papatoetoe Intermediate School.

"Our Church group has been selling MARS® Chocolate bars since January. We have raised over $25000 for our Church projects in 3 months. The prompt service that Fundraising Buy Confectionery offers along with the excellent product has made our Fundraising a great success."
Manase and Lilia Samoan
Independent Seventh Day Adventist Church

We have helped 100’s of Schools and clubs raise money over the last 14 years.

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